We welcome families and individuals who choose to bring children with them! We have wide aisles so getting a stroller down them is very easy, should you choose to do so.  They are the next generation of pickers and we love seeing them come along. We welcome them sampling the berries!  

We provide a portable toilet and hand washing facilities

Ice water is provided, free of charge, in our berry shed.  Feel free to grab a cup when you come in with your berries, to help cool off!

We have a picnic table available for anyone who chooses to bring a snack or take a break during their picking. 

We please ask that pets remain home while you come to pick berries. We have a Service Dog who may wander around and we do not want there to be any fights. Pets are not allowed in the patch and it is usually much too hot for them to remain in the vehicle, even with windows open, unless you leave it running. Also, should they "escape" from the car through an open window, it can become safety concern for people who aren't familiar with the dog or for the other animal residents on our farm. 

Let's face it, we all love to eat strawberries...we just can't all pick them.  Whether it be due to physical issues, a lack of time, or you just don't care to be out in the heat and sun, we will pick your berries for you! 

Pre-picked strawberries are typically done on an "order only" basis, however sometimes you can get lucky and we'll have extra flats available.  We recommend placing your order as early as possible, with a minimum 48 hour notice to ensure we'll be able to get them picked.  We try not pick any pre-picked orders on Sundays, so please plan accordingly. 

If you don't have a preference for when your berries are picked, please let us know and we'll fill your order as extra boxes become available. 

  • Pre-Picked Flat (Approx 12 lbs)...........$40.00 each
  • Pre-Picked Half Flat (Approx 6 lbs).....$20.00
  • Pre-Picked Quart (Approx 1-1.5 lbs)...$6.00

Gretchen's Dad, Tom, Helps In

The Patch Every Year!

Picking conditions can change on a daily basis, especially after a rain or towards the end of the season.  We do our best to keep our Facebook page and website updated with the most current picking conditions and availability. Towards the end of the season, berries will become smaller in size and we will warn customers who call or email prior to coming, when that begins to happen. 

Pre-Picked berries (Some orders will be taken for 202)

Picking Conditions

You are welcome to pick as many or as few strawberries as you wish, when you come to pick your own! We will provide you with as many flats as you'd like (you may bring containers from home if you wish but it's not required), show you a row to pick on, and you can go to it! Feel free to bring full boxes/containers to the shed for us to keep cool, we will put your name on them so there's no need to worry about them getting mixed up with others' flats. 

  • Pick-Your-Own.........$2.30/lb

Pick-your-own berries

About Our Patch

Patch Information


Nelson's Berries

We have several different varieties of berries that we pick from.  All are delicious and do well in our soil conditions.  Each variety has its own unique taste, texture, and size, which makes it very fun to pick! The location of picking in our patch changes from day to day, so you never know what kind you'll be getting when you come! We encourage you to sample the berries as you pick, to see if you notice any of the flavor or texture changes in the different varieties. 

Our rows have thick, fluffy straw to help make picking more comfortable.  Its a great way to save on the knees, for those who like to crawl along their row.  It also helps prevent dirt from splashing onto the berries when it rains. We love being able to pick a berry off the plant and being able to eat it right away and the straw keeps them clean, so we can do just that!