Links of Interest

Nelson's Berries

mn grown: 

We are a proud member of MN Grown! (We are currently listed as "Nelson-Shine Produce, Fruits Location, in the directory).  MN Grown is a great way to find all different kinds of produce that fellow Minnesotans grow and sell.  Use the link to see what else is offered in your area, or if you're headed out of town on vacation it may be a fun family outing!

Country sunshine greenhouse

Is a beautiful greenhouse that is owned and operated by Nick's sister Veronica, her husband Wade, and their fun daughters! Veronica offers weekly or biweekly flower subscriptions in the summer, offers additional florist services, and offers goat milk products as well. If you are looking for someone with a green thumb to offer flower advice or put together arrangements, she's your gal!

nelson-shine produce:

This is where Nick grew up and who we were partnered with, prior to 2016.  They offer full service poultry processing for private use, however not for resale.  They also have a greenhouse, open in the spring, for all your flowerbed and gardening needs! Also, Nick's brother, Magnus and his wife Krissy have a C.S.A. to get shares, if you would rather not do your own gardening!

Nourse Farms:

This is where almost all of our strawberry and raspberry plants come from.  They are certified and we know that we are getting the best of the best when we get our plants!

The fruit edge

A great resource for fruit growers to get the latest information on different pests that may affect our patches, and how to deal with them.  The link provided goes to the page with information regariding the fruit fly, Spotted Wing Drosophila. Many people have raspberries of their own, and this fly will affect those patches as well, not just larger commercial patches. It also will affect wild fruit.