We opened our 1/2 acre raspberry patch to the public in 2011, and had a very good year.  In 2012 we added more raspberry plants and they have continued to do very well!

There does tend to be a few more mosquitoes and flies in the raspberry patch, so bug spray is highly recommended.  We will supply some for those who may forget, but feel free to bring your own.  Sunscreen is also recommended.  We also will supply hand washing facilities and water, but no bathroom facilities.

Raspberries are picked by the pint or quart, and are available to pick-your-own or have them pre-picked for you.  We supply containers for picking and will kindly ask you to leave yours in your vehicle if you bring your own. Raspberries tend to mash very easily and to get an accurate amount for charging, we ask you please pick into the containers we provide. Children are welcome to join their parents in the raspberry patch, but pets will not be allowed. 

Because it is a smaller patch, and may have been fully picked the day prior, it is possible that there won't be ripe berries for a couple of days. We recommend calling before you come to make sure there are berries available. To check availability or to place a pre-picked order please give us a call or send us an email. 

Raspberry prices are $3/pint or $6/quart if you pick your own.  If you would like pre-picked raspberries, price is $5/pint or $10/quart.  

The last couple of years, our raspberry season has been cut short by an invasive fruit fly, called Spotted Wing Drosophila or SWD.  This nasty little bug is extremely prolific and will reek havoc in the patch in a matter of days. We will be honest regarding picking conditions, should this bug show up for our 2016 picking season. There is a link on our "Links of Interest" page regarding this nasty pest. It also invades strawberries (we've been lucky to not have them during picking so far), blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and tomatoes are even a suspect, both in wild and garden fruit varieties of all the fruits listed. . 

Nelson's Berries