Nelson's Berries

In 2007, we started raising beef steers to be processed and sold directly to our customers. We raise Gelbvieh-Angus cross beef steers, and so far have been very happy with the meat that we are able to sell!  Our steers are not given any antibiotics (unless needed to treat the rare illness) or hormones, so while we are not considered organic, it is about as natural as you can get! They are raised on whole corn, silage and hay, that is grown by us, so we know exactly what goes into it. 



The steers are finished out to 600-800 pounds (hanging weight) and, upon request by a customer, taken to slaughter at Lakes Meats (previously Stuffy's) in Hillman.  We have been extremely happy with their processing job!  Once slaughtered, the carcass is allowed to hang for 10 days, and then processed according to the customer's instructions.  We should mention, that each half must be done the same for steak thickness so we will do our best to pair similar halves together to accomodate each customer.  Once it has been completely frozen, we pick it up and contact you to work out pick up details. In some cases, it may work to meet in Brainerd for pick up, but we are no longer offering delivery to homes. Please contact us for pricing.

We currently have a 1/4 of processed beef available for sale. We are also taking orders for future processing dates. 


One of the things we love being able to offer to our is retail beef.  These steers are processed under USDA inspection.  This allows us to be able to sell individual cuts of meat to you, instead of having to purchase a quarter or more.  Currently, we are offering:

Ground Beef: $4.25/lb (Currently unavailable)

Prices subject to change without notice

Retail beef


bulk beef orders