2023 And We Are Back!

We are SO excited to be back this summer! We will take our first picking reservations on Sunday, June 25th.

Because  we have a much smaller space to pick this year than we have had in previous years, wee will be doing strawberry picking on a "reservation only" basis. We will update our Facebook Page (see link to the right) for any picking updates and available reservations as we have rows. Please know that you DO NOT need to be a Facebook user to see our page! It's set up as public so anyone can see it! That will be the place to monitor row availability and make your picking reservation, once we are able to open for the season.

We will not be filling prepicked orders in 2023 and will only be open for pick your own customers. 

We will also only accept cash, debit/credit card, or Venmo (by request) this year due to bad checks being written previously. 

There is no better berry than one enjoyed as soon as its picked! We will pick for you if you aren't able to pick for yourself! Berries are picked and then refrigerated for the best quality we can provide. 

Heather and Savannah (2014) Enjoying the Patch

Photo Credit:Time Capsule Photography/Sara Rothstein

2023 will be the year we return to picking! Our row space is limited, so please be on the lookout for updates on how we'll be picking this year. Our Facebook page is set to "Public" which means anyone can see it, even if they do not have an actual Facebook account. Please use the link in the banner at the top of the page, to watch our Facebook page for all updates. 

Season updates

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If you would like to get email updates for strawberries and raspberries, please click on the following link! We will send out emails when our picking starts for the season. Email addresses are not shared with anyone else!  


purchase locally

We make it our goal to have the best picking conditions in the area.  We are family friendly and are passionate about locally raised products. 

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You're part of the local economy! We pride ourselves in helping to provide something fun for our friends and neighbors and in doing so, we are able to help sustain our community!

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