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Check back often as our picking season grows near as we'll post our updates right here! We lost a lot of the first blossoms that were open to the freeze in mid-May.  However, the newer buds that are opening are looking really good and it appears that the frost damage wasn't as bad as we initially thought! We are counting down the days to picking!

We make it our goal to have the best picking conditions in the area.  We are family friendly and are passionate about locally raised products. 

2019 Berry Season Will Begin Shortly! 

We are anticipating a year of picking, similar to last year. Due to some environmental issues and such, out of our control, we are going to have a year like last year. We have been able to snack on a few ripe berries already and they are gorgeous and delicious, the picking just won't be as "phenomenal" as what it's been other years. We expect to be open the last weekend of June but please confirm before coming! Facebook will be the best place for updates, as well as calling. 

Please note that the previous phone number of 218-829-9084 is no longer in use (it was a land line) so please use either of the cell phones listed under the contact us. 

There is no better berry than one enjoyed as soon as its picked! We will pick for you if you aren't able to pick for yourself! Berries are picked and then refrigerated for the best quality we can provide. 

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If you would like to get email updates for strawberries and raspberries, please click on the following link! We will send out emails when our picking starts for the season. Email addresses are not shared with anyone else!  


If you don't have easy access to email or wish to get a post card in the mail instead, please give us a call or send us an email.  We'll gladly add you to our mailing list! We will be sending postcards out to announce that our patch is open for the season. 

You're part of the local economy! We pride ourselves in helping to provide something fun for our friends and neighbors and in doing so, we are able to help sustain our community!